Cubist Art

Cubism is part of the genre of abstract art made famous by Picasso.  The term itself was coined by French art critic Louis Vauxcelle in reference to the landscapes painted by Georges Braque.  Cubist style art is generally constructed by breaking objects into two dimensional forms and realigning those elements using multiple, contrasting vantage points.  Picasso is said to have been inspired by African tribal masks. ‘A head’, said Picasso, ‘is a matter of eyes, nose, mouth, which can be distributed in any way you like’. (Cubism: The Tate)

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Cubist Art
Cubist Portrait. Illustration by Eugene Ivanov. Cubistic face synthetic cubism showing a face at different angles acrylic and oil painting great paintings an abstract painting decor modern modern art block colour cubist style JEANNE HEBUTERNE, by Amedeo Modigliani, 1919, Italian modernist painting, oil on canvas. Hebuterne, the artists 21 year old mistress, was pregnant with their second child. This portrait is painted wit The Street Pavers, by Umberto Boccioni, 1914, Italian Futurist painting, oil on canvas. Bent over laborers pounding street stones with pickaxes are painted in a synthesis of pointillism and Cubism. T Cubistic face Cubistic face great paintings THE RHINE AT DUISBURG, by Paul Klee, 1937, Swiss painting, oil and charcoal on cardboard. Abstract cityscape with river, painted with childlike symbols for waves on the water and the linear geometry o cubist great artist portrait MUNICIPAL JEWEL, by Paul Klee, 1917, Swiss drawing, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper. Using intense colors inspired by his 1914 trip to Tunisia, Klees abstract flat planes of color suggest v Daffodils. Abstract floral composition in a cubist style. Executed in oil on canvas with elements of pastel painting. For interior and gift. THE RED TABLECLOTH, by Samuel Halpert, 1915, American painting, oil on canvas. The artist studied and lived in Paris and combined the influence of Cezanne and the Fauves in this still life painting Cubistic city RECLINING NUDE, by Amedeo Modigliani, 1917, Italian modernist painting, oil on canvas. This is one for several dozen nudes Modigliani painted between 1916 and 1919 on commission from his dealer and fr JUAN LEGUA, by Juan Gris, 1911, Spanish Cubist painting, oil on canvas. Analytic Cubist portrait of a man smoking a pipe is softer and more representational than comparable works by Cubism founders, P The cubist style of Picasso. Cornflower. Modern abstract art in the style of cubism. The picture is made by oil on canvas with elements of pastel painting. Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses, by Paul Cezanne, 1890, French Post-Impressionism. Monet, the master Impressionist painter, once owned this painting Mont Sainte-Victoire, by Paul Cezanne, 1902-6, French Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. The artist worked on this proto-cubist landscape for over four years colorful hand holding a cup of wine