Expressionist Art

Expressionism is described as an attempt to represent the psyche, or inner spirit, and its emotions.  It emerged as a response to the increasing industrialism of the early 1900’s, inspired, perhaps, by the earlier emergence of psychoanalysis in the late 1800s.  According to an interview published in the Italian magazine Contemporary, Italian writer Alberto Nino Arbasin described Expressionalism as much like Baroque except “expressionism doesn’t shun the violently unpleasant effect, while Baroque does. Expressionism throws some terrific ‘fuck yous’, Baroque doesn’t. Baroque is well-mannered.” (Contemporary:On the Cherry Tree. Conversing literature and cinema with Alberto Arbasino)

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Expressionist Art
A grungy monochrome painting; white on black. Face 10. Original acrylic painting on canvas. Wheat Field with Cypresses, by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, Dutch Post-Impressionist, oil on canvas. This was his first version and was likely painted en plein air, when Van Gogh was able to leave the prec JEANNE HEBUTERNE, by Amedeo Modigliani, 1919, Italian modernist painting, oil on canvas. Hebuterne, the artists 21 year old mistress, was pregnant with their second child. This portrait is painted wit Face 6. Original acrylic painting on canvas. THE RHINE AT DUISBURG, by Paul Klee, 1937, Swiss painting, oil and charcoal on cardboard. Abstract cityscape with river, painted with childlike symbols for waves on the water and the linear geometry o A brightly colored abstract expressionist digital painting with cool and warm colors and geometric shapes Original acrylic abstract painting in blues and white representing movement of waves. Painted by the photographer. Abstract woman portrait painting. Contemporary art An abstract geometric painting with vertical strips of color and a diagonal RECLINING NUDE, by Amedeo Modigliani, 1917, Italian modernist painting, oil on canvas. This is one for several dozen nudes Modigliani painted between 1916 and 1919 on commission from his dealer and fr Abstract expressionism seamless pattern. style of drip painting. Vector Illustration Retinal Blue an abstract painting Closeup view of an original acrylic painting on wood. Hand painted abstract grunge background.  Multicolored texture. Fragment of artwork, modern art, contemporary art. Mixed media. spray paint. abstract expressionist style oil painting artwork A hard-edged geometric abstract painting, suggestive of a marine theme. Island in the storm LITTLE HOPE, by Paul Klee, 1938, Swiss painting, plaster and watercolor on burlap. In the late 1930s, Klees work became pessimistic, echoing his personal fate and the political situation. The rough pa Gorgeous Original Painting of Colorful Abstract Suns Mixed media collage painting of vines and vine leaves A colorful abstract/surreal  painting, with landscape elements and a mysterious and unresolved foreground Women Picking Olives, by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, Dutch Post-Impressionist, oil on canvas. Of the three versions made of this motif, this last one, is most stylized The Siesta, by Paul Gauguin, 1892-94, French Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Tahitian women gathered in an open-sided shelter with wood plank floor