Old Masters Art

According to  the Visual Arts Encyclopedia ‘Old Masters’ refers to European painters of the period 1300-1830 although others assign a later starting date in of the early 1400’s for the period.  The Old Masters art style encompasses Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, Dutch Realism, and Neoclassicism art styles.  Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Albrecht Dürer to Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Jacques-Louis David define the period.

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Old Masters Art
The Girl with Reflection (painting look) Masterpiece Homage to Old Masters Rembrandt style portrait. Oil painting imitation texture Flowers in a vase, dryed up, on bright orange background, oil painting, color painting Charcoal drawing - sitting model, naked old man (gender not shown). On the subject of Renaissance masters. Fish boat painting,fisherman  oil,art, old masters creativity, education and people concept - women artists discussing painting on easel at art school studio Old master hunting scene with rifle and pheasant  Lady in riding habbit XIX Century with russian borzoy dogs at horse hunting.  Imitation of old oil painting woodland dryade fairy and golden man of learning, fairytale illustration Antique old master hunting still life with pheasant and hare The Battle of Love, by Paul Cezanne, 1880, French Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. The figures in this landscape were painted from old masters prints or his own art school drawings. He onc Violin with a bow on a red background next to a bottle of old wine and wet fruit. Thief in museum. Surrealistic image with painting comes to be alive. John Calvin old engraved portrait, French theologian during the Protestant Reformation. Created by Marc after Scheffer, published on L'Illustration, Journal Universel, Paris, 1858 Two serious professional artists in the process of painting standing in front of their easels outdoors with background of beautiful trees Still-life - Dried roses, onions and garlic on dark background - Dutch old masters style Drawing in a cave painted by an ancient man on a wall, a rock. Paints red ocher. Hunting for an animal. Aboriginal, Neanderthal, cave man. The Stone Age, the Ice Age. Science, anthropology. Antique old master hunting still life with pheasant and hare Photo impression of the old master painting ?vanitas? with antique skull  Lady in riding habbit XIX Century at horse hunting.  Imitation of old oil painting Classic illustration depicting Faust is falling in love with Gretchen, drawn by August von Kreling in Wolfgang von Goethe's Low angle of happy male artist in apron painting decorative plate with paintbrush while making ornament on earthenware in potter's studio. Gray-haired wife is looking at his work indoors. Ceramic art