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oil painting, teenager,  kindness, child with a dog in the rain cats and dogs cartoon seamless pattern - positive comic pets. Vector illustration. Original pastel painting on cardboard. Modern painting of a Beautiful parrot Group of five strange people and one dirty dog modern abstract fine art vector illustration. Figures on the Beach, by Auguste Renoir, 1890, French impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Beach scene painted on the Cote d\x90Azur in southern France Horse portrait. Simulation of old painting style abstract digital artwork painting portrait of cat  mustaches with a bird on a head, doodle art vector illustration Pastel painting of a blue parrots on a cardboard. Modern art Comic dog Group of five people with dirty dog abstract art vector illustration. A black and white cat sitting next to a table that has a big blue bowl full of lemons on it. She is wearing a collar with a heart Hummingbird, watercolor painting Face cute cat. The artist used rough brushstrokes in the style of impressionism. The painting is executed in oil on canvas with elements of pastel painting. Original pastel painting on cardboard.Modern painting of a cow Vintage illustration of hipster puppy with glasses in vector Andalusian  horse portrait. Simulation of old painting style Cat with pink ears Original oil painting on canvas.Modern art.Modern painting of a bird Red cat with the flowers in town Couple cats together, silhouette for your design Cremello Akhal-Teke  horse portrait. Simulation of old painting style Gold fish  on a white background digital painting set of girl in puppy hat with her dog, acrylic on canvas texture, story telling illustration A Spaniel, by Paulus Potter, 1653, Dutch painting, oil on panel. A landscape with a partridge dog and a hunter on horseback with dogs in the background