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Vetheuil in Summer, by Claude Monet, 1880, French impressionist painting, oil on canvas. This painting creates the illusion of flickering reflections of sunlight on the water digital art painting of  rural landscape , vector version An oil painting on canvas of a colorful rural landscape with a field full of red poppies, yellow rapeseed and blue delphiniums. A sea of blossom in the spring time. oil painting vector illustration. I, the Artist, owns the copyright Original oil painting of flowers, beautiful looming field on canvas. Wildflowers. Modern Impressionism. Impasto artwork. Four Seasons - Time concept design plein air digital painting of Kamenetz-Podolsky town landscape, Ukraine, image for printing postcard or travel card, contemporary art vector illustration Morning on sea, wave, illustration, oil painting on a canvas. Mixed media painting of winter tree and leaves in abstract style. All elements created by the photographer. Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies, by Claude Monet, 1899, French impressionist oil painting. In the summer of 1899 Monet completed 12 canvases of the wooden footbridge over the lily pond at Giverny Pink peonies still life digital painting showing beautiful sunny in the park,illustration digital painting of winter landscape An oil painting on canvas of a springtime natural landscape with blooming trees and colorful meadow full of daffodils. vector tree Still life with a beautiful bunch of flowers Original oil painting, winter mountain landscape with spruce An oil painting on canvas of a breathtaking rural sunset scene with a sunflowers field. Colorful floral landscape lit by the warm light of the sun in the last hours of the day. Painting style of chinese landscape for adv or others purpose use forest An oil painting on canvas of a colorful pond with beautiful lotus flowers and the sky reflection on the water surface. Watercolor painting of Beautiful tranquil landscape panorama of lake in mist Hummingbird, watercolor painting Mixed media collage painting of vines and vine leaves