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oil painting on canvas, street of london. Artwork. Big ben. man and woman under an red umbrella. Tree. England. Bridge and river View of the old town in Prague. Acrylic painting. oil painting, art, a pair of lovers under an umbrella, the rain, the bridge, go away, White bridge over the river, oil painting art background Prague illuminated bridges at night oil painting Oil Painting - Venice, Italy Panorama of skyscrapers on the bank of the morning river, oil painting. Oil Painting - Harbor View Oil Painting - Venice, Italy Oil Painting - Venice, Italy An abstract painting; bright blocks of color in a composition suggestive of a bridge-like structure. Urban mood courtyard of old Croatia - picture in painting style oil painting on canvas, street of london. Artwork. Big ben and red tree.  England. Bridge and river man standing on old bridge in clouds,illustration painting amazing Venice - artwork in painting style Oil painting of Seattle downtown. Modern city. Colorful original design. Pioneer square. Abstract painting by Clive Watts - Blue Curve Oil Painting - Street View of London oil painting on canvas - bridge in the forest Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies, by Claude Monet, 1899, French impressionist oil painting. In the summer of 1899 Monet completed 12 canvases of the wooden footbridge over the lily pond at Giverny The bridge from ancient Venice beautiful scenery of the woman standing alone on a wooden pier looking at colorful clouds in the sky, digital art style, illustration painting Original oil painting Lovers on bridge in forest at night in Beautiful Romantic rays - Modern impressionism painting.